Just An Update

Hello all! My apologies for going so long without an update.

I’m taking a quick break from the last minute chaos. Tomorrow is moving day. We’ll be making our maiden voyage over to the RV park. If you don’t need to be out it would probably be best to stay off the roads until about 1 o’clockish. 🙂

We’ve been living in the RV full time for the last two weeks and I must say I don’t hate it but I am definitely looking forward to being permanently hooked up to a sewer. You just don’t realize how much water you use until you have to manually get rid of it 40 gallons at a time.

We managed to pare down our belongings and the other stuff has been selling pretty well. We did rent a 4X10 storage unit for some stuff we’re not willing to part with but I don’t think that’s too bad.

Next week will be the final push and then we close on the 22nd. Hard to believe how quickly it all went.

Then we just wait for our opportunity to head back to the middle of the country.


5 thoughts on “Just An Update

  1. Have you picked your final destination? Is there a timeline? If it’s to be RV for several seasons, look into community gardens. You’ll miss real food. Congratulations on your adventure.

    1. freethnkr1965

      Sorry I missed this! We are currently in a nice, nice-sized RV park about 20 miles away from the farm. I’m shotgunning every opening in San Antonio and OKC. There’s is a growing part of me though that might not mind staying here in the park. It’s so cheap and undemanding. 🙂 Hope you are doing well.

      1. Might want to look further north, climate change and all. We’ve all reached an age where there are only so many relocations left in us. Shoot for what you like, and what will still be comfortable in the next twenty years. The rule of thumb? Wet will be wetter, dry will be drier, hot will be hotter and everything will have crazy storms.

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