Why Can’t I Live the Unexamined Life?

Finally killed one of the moles that have been destroying our yard. I feel like such a dick.


6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Live the Unexamined Life?

  1. Joanie Bell

    Please do not feel badly for killing moles, gophers, or ground squirrels. It is them or us when they live too closely and ALL animals need their own living space, including humans. A fox or badger would kill them happily. Also, I just Googled a question: Do ground squirrels attack chickens?….and the answer was “Whenever they have the opportunity”. They usually attack the chicken by the throat, which is what a ground squirrel did to my Buff Orphington, just outside my kitchen 3 days ago. They also steal chicken eggs.

  2. It’s tough to do in the furry critters that inhabit “our” spaces. I’ve got a chipmunk right now in a burrow under one of my raised beds. He’s beautiful–black and gold with stripes and spots. Fat, too. And, if I get get my hands on him, toast! He’s eating everything. Too bad that lovely coat isn’t a little bigger—wouldn’t even work for a hat.

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