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6 thoughts on “Untitled

    1. freethnkr1965

      That went bleak very quickly. Hahaha. I have to agree though that it does sometimes seem like we have a death wish. My hope is that it is just a profound lack of awareness.

  1. In fact, I think the real problem is that kind of insecurity that makes people think they are better than “other”–in this case, other species, other people, other everything. If one is well grounded, it’s easier to be in one’s place with the trees, and the birds and the fish. Still working on some of the bugs, though.

    1. freethnkr1965

      For me it’s snakes. I could totally live in a snake free world. 🙂

      There’s a lot of truth in what you say.

      1. freethnkr1965

        If I am completely honest, my bigortry towards snakes is wholly predicated on them being snakes, poisonious or not. One of the things I like about this cool, rainy place is no poisonous snakes west of the Cascades. It makes diving into a brush pile so much more enjoyable.

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