Tilly Update

Tilly was not doing so great when she joined us here on the farm. Part of it was the fact that she was shedding a winter coat but she was also underweight and bald in spots.


Had I seen her in person before committing to buy her I probably would’ve passed. But that’s what you get when you buy on a Facebook group – shame on me. But I would’ve also missed out on a very lovely, docile cow. We’ve had her just 17 days and I have to say the change so far is just short of phenomenal.


We gave her a couple doses of pour on pesticide (Ivomec) and the vet gave her a 7 way shot (and said she’s probably twice as old as we were told) but I think the most important thing was a mineral block in her stall. The first week she was here she just attacked that thing. There are chunks missing from it where she chewed on it – cows don’t have upper teeth in the front of their mouths so you can imagine how hard she was working on it.

We also slip her a quart of sweet cob each night when we put her up. πŸ˜‰

In fairness to the lady we bought her from, she was as honest as she could be about the cow. By that I mean that I choose to believe, and really do believe that she shared what she thought was true about Tilly’s age and was as up front about her condition as she could be based on her knowledge of cows.

She will probably never be a stellar cow but that’s okay. She’s helping me get over my fear of large animals and she’s just right as a house cow. We will eventually see if we can breed her and start milking but even if that doesn’t work we will at least have this experience.

And what price can you put on scenes like this?



6 thoughts on “Tilly Update

  1. She’s beautiful now, and she’ll probably continue to improve.

    Honestly, this is what I would like to get as my first cow, too. I’m also a little scared of large animals, and I would probably prefer a sweet older cow to be my stepping stone into the world of bovines πŸ™‚

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