3 thoughts on “Excellent Read

  1. Yes, a thoughtful piece. Thanks for sharing it.

    This is an issue I’ve struggled mightily with. I hunt deer now, but never for trophies and never for fun. I don’t enjoy killing animals, and I think anyone who does has some underlying emotional issues. Years ago I made the decision to give up eating meat from animals I didn’t raise/hunt/fish personally. I didn’t want to be complicit in the cruelty of factory-farming but I wasn’t ready to become a vegetarian. Now I could easily join my wife and daughter, who have long been vegetarians, but I continue to hunt deer in part for the food, but in part because I’ve come to realize that we humans occupy a place in the natural cycle here that requires us to be predators of deer. If we abandon that role (as we largely have) then the deer population explodes, and nature suffers the results of an unhealthy imbalance. I realize that may be nothing more than a post hoc rationalization of my fondness for venison, but if so it is unconscious. I have given it a great deal of thought. It may not be my ultimate landing pad on the question, but for now at least I’ve come to the opinion that responsible hunting is the most humane and ethical way for meat-eating humans to get the meat they eat, and that it helps nature maintain a healthy balance.

    1. freethnkr1965

      Bill, you’re writing is always so thoughtful and graceful. I truly enjoy it.

      Here are a couple of things I think happen that have erroneously shaped the debate about animal agriculture and eating meat in general.

      We confuse death with suffering.

      We anthropomorphize too much because we are such empathetic creatures – re: My Banana and the fact that we think other animals are thinking at a higher level than they are.

      We confuse the enjoyment of stocking a full larder with enjoyment of killing.

      We are blind to the bias driving our distinction between animal and vegetable kingdoms. We say that “speciesism” is wrong but draw arbitrary boundaries at organisms with pain receptors because those organisms are the most like us.

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