Well Poo!

Some things I don’t like to leave to chance so I called some slaughter services for the pigs, just to see how far in advance I need to make an appointment. D-day won’t be until the last of April or first of May but it’s never too soon to prepare ya know.

I went ahead and asked some questions and found out that neither one will scald a hog instead of skinning. Very disappointing.

I guess we’ll just have to deal.

2 thoughts on “Well Poo!

  1. It’s the same for chicken processing. They all want to skin the chickens, instead of plucking. We’re a long way from there (don’t have chickens yet) but when we get there, we figure we’ll have to do it ourselves.

  2. Even here it’s very difficult to find a processor that will scald a hog. But some people still do it themselves. If you’re not going to resell the meat you might consider putting out an inquiry on Craigslist to see if there is anyone locally who can process it for you. But people doing it themselves (the old-fashioned way) will usually want to do it in very cold weather.

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