Home Again, Home Again

What a time we have had since I last posted. We made a whirlwind trip home to Texas and Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. Normally I wouldn’t consider eight days a whirlwind trip but we get home so rarely that we always try to cram a years worth of visits into one trip. Between friends and family we wound up putting 1200 miles on the rental car. That’s just “visiting” miles, we flew from Seattle to Dallas. I don’t regret a single one! 🙂

It was a little tough coming back to the overcast skies of the Pacific Northwest even though I love the green. I was born and raised in wide open spaces and sometimes I need to be able to see farther than a thousand feet. I remember as a kid standing on my aunt’s back porch in the Oklahoma Panhandle and seeing the grain elevators at Hardesty eleven miles away. Sometimes I need that distance to feel like I can breathe freely.

We are very lucky to have places to go and a place to come back to and friends that watch out for us. My coworker who lives a couple of miles down the road took care of our little farm while we were gone. We came back to a peaceful resumption of chores and whatnot.

We bred the rabbits the weekend before we left so we’ll be building nest boxes in the very near future. The pigs are growing like mad. I’m supposed to call the butcher in January to make them an appointment in April or May… probably April. And today I culled our first hen.

It was interesting doing that totally alone. I didn’t realize until I was finished that anytime I’ve cleaned fish or butchered a chicken or anything along those lines it was always with someone else. Plus, it’s been so long that it might as well have been the first time. It wasn’t a bad or emotional thing just different. And I have to admit that I’m kinda proud that I just did it cause it needed to be done.

Anyway, enough. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. If you don’t, I hope you had a happy Thursday.

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