Your First, My Second…

View of this post that is.

I’ve been quiet and short lately I know and I apologize but my sister recently passed away and I just needed to withdraw for awhile. My first draft of this post was about that. It was a good post but it was too personal and raw to share. And the truth is that while I am overwhelmingly sad my life has not stopped. My husband is still the most wonderful man I know. My kids are still precious anxiety factories. My Brady Bunch + The Griswalds + a smattering of the Manson Family family still endures. And chores still have to be done around here. Life, it’s what keeps you going through the tough spots. I would like to share some it with you.

img_2986We have made our first farm-based barter deal! These little guys will be traded for a breeding trio of meat rabbits! I belong to a few local bartering and small farm groups on Facebook. I saw a post about a family looking for more chickens who didn’t have a lot of money but did have meat rabbits. We chatted and reached a bargain. One month from now, when the rabbits are breeding age and these chicks are old enough we will trade. I just think that is frikkin’ awesome.

We also harvested our first honey!  Unfortunately we were just a little bit early and the honey is still a little unripe. But it tastes so good!

The box weighed about 32 pounds. That’s wood, comb, and honey combined of course. We got a little over a gallon of honey. It was delicious on biscuits. Just sayin’. We have one more box to go. We’re holding off on it in hopes it will be more mature.

We also managed to capture some of the apple harvest this year.

I have to tell you, these dried apples are the best I’ve ever tasted. I never really cared for dried apples but these actually taste like apples.

We also built a cider press and pressed our own juice!

I have to admit I’m on my way to becoming a food snob. This stuff just tastes so good. One gallon of it is going into our hard cider kit. Yes I will finally get to taste home-brewed cider! I am really pumped.

We still haven’t painted the house but I’m okay with that. I hope that your fall is going well.


Our First Next Generation


We set 23 eggs in the incubator and hatched 20. One of the chicks didn’t make it two days so we netted 19. I think that’s a pretty good hatch.

We won’t need new layers until late next year so these will go on Craigslist or in the freezer but knowing we can perpetuate the flock is just giving me stomach tingles.


We had the most beautiful harvest moon last night! Of course my iPhone doesn’t do it justice. Fall is definitely in the air up here – 44 degrees this morning – and everything is starting to bed down for winter. The deer are more skittish now that it’s cooling down. I think they know deer season is upon them.

Sorry for the long silence. Be well.