You might fail but you should do it anyway. 

3 thoughts on “Multiplying

  1. That’s a true statement in lots of contexts. What if we only did things that came with no risk of failure? I reckon that would make for dull lives and a dull world.

    We’ve had bad luck hatching eggs here the last couple of years. This year a hen finally went broody and I put a dozen fertilized eggs under her. Then, about a week before they were set to hatch, another hen got on the nest with her. So we had two hens sitting on the same clutch of eggs. Because chickens.

    Finally the eggs began to hatch. Of the dozen eggs tended by two hens, only one hatched. So now we have one lone chick being brooded by two mama hens. Not the way to grow one’s flock. 🙂

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