The Bees Are Alive

Despite my best efforts the bees keep on going. I finally went back in and removed the debris, cleaned up the hive floor and put them back together. The three bars that had fallen had fallen again so I just took them out. I figure if bees can make a home in a dead tree they can deal with the extra space. If not, well, live and learn.

I feel I owe you an explanation about my long absence.

Not long after the bee-pocalypse I found myself in the emergency room on a Thursday. Turned out I had a kidney stone lodged in my ureter. (Really, who comes up with these names for body parts? It’s like they think if they sound gross enough we’ll never bother to learn about our bodies.)

Anyway, the stone had actually been moving for a few weeks before and I guess turned or lodged someway that made what I thought was just pulled muscles into something akin to labor pains – or so I’m told. If labor is anything like what I experienced I am glad to not have the gift of giving life. Just sayin’.

I was loaded up with pain meds and sent home with the admonition that my stone was large enough that it had a less than 30% chance of passing and I would probably need surgery… which couldn’t be done until the following Wednesday. I’m glad it happened that way now because I passed it the day before my pre-op appointment.

So, long story short, I was down and out for a couple of weeks and then we just got busy.

The hens are starting to lay.

I had to add another box to both bee hives.

I broke out the box blade and uncovered the mythical driveway. It really does exist.

And we just finished covering up the crappy concrete beside the house with a pea gravel patio thingy.

More than you wanted to know.

8 thoughts on “The Bees Are Alive

  1. June hit me, too. Didn’t blog at all. Gardens to get in, building, a short trip with my mum, the death of a good friend. What can I say–one thing led to another, and now it’s July. The bees are doing well, but I’ll have to hurry and get some more medium supers, because we’ve just realized that stepping up to four hives means we’re short on woodenware. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

    1. freethnkr1965

      Thanks. I’m beginning to understand why every bee video I see on YouTube has a pile of woodenware in the background! 🙂 It’s like you can’t have enough. Glad you you’re doing okay as well.

  2. Our bees didn’t survive this winter 😦 As we’re jumping ship later this year, I’m instead cleaning the wooden ware. It’s been sad, but we’re wiser. Sorry to hear about your woes, hope your fully on the mend.

    1. freethnkr1965

      My husband and I were just talking yesterday about marking this year as a learning year – you can’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Know what I mean? 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and good luck on your journey – if I remember correctly it’s going to be a true adventure?

      1. Do know what you mean for sure. I used to wonder why beekeepers gave such differing advice, and I think it is because each hive behaves differently, their normal, is not necessarily the same as another colony’s normal.

        Yes, it promises to be an adventure, especially as we still don’t have a solid plan! The Brexit vote sent us back to the drawing board again. But we have decided to travel by bike(s)?

  3. I like the way you put that. Me too. Despite my best efforts, our bees are alive.

    This time of year it seems impossible to keep up. Throw in a problem like yours (hope you’re back to 100% now) and the impossibility is literal.

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