Maybe you remember this plant from a previous post. You know, the one that came with the dire warning of poop inducing properties? Well…

As it turns out, sometimes knowledge gained over the fence is not quite trustworthy. This is actually an Indian Plum plant. Its the only plant in its genus in the world. (I don’t really know what that means but it sounds like it should be fascinating so I’m including it.)

The berries turn a deep deep shade of blue when they are ripe. I tasted a few – which, truth be told, may not be quite ripe – and the best description I can come up with is sweet cucumber to sweet watermelon rind.

Supposedly they work really well in mixed fruit jams.

That’s it.



4 thoughts on “Knowledge

    1. freethnkr1965

      We’re in western Washington, land of rain and beards. The scientific name is Oemleria cerasiformis. It’s known as Indian plum, osoberry, & bird cherry.

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