There are two things I hate about weeding. The first weed and the last weed.

The first weed is like some wall you have climb in order to start. It embodies all the sweat, toil, and effort you have in front of you.

The last weed, well the last weed is still not the end. It’s the point where you unbend yourself and realize you still have to rake and put away your tools. It’s a false hope, a frustrated finish.

But those middle weeds, those weeds are a meditation.

During the middle I make the connections. Work to result. Dirt to plant. Earth to me. In the middle I understand.

4 thoughts on “Weeding

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your site through reader recommendations, so somewhat curious – I had to look up the Beekman boys! I wondering if it’s possible to see weeds as your friend and think more in terms about the functions they provide? The reason I’m asking, is I recently lifted some nettles and the soil where they’d been growing was incredibly rich.

    1. freethnkr1965

      Yes, I think it is possible to see weeds as your friend. Outside of the garden area and a small lawn we’ve set aside we let nature pretty much take its course. It’s only where we have a purpose for the plants we tend that we try to exert some control.

      1. Working that way myself,but on a very small way at the moment. Our rented home has a beautiful arboretum, but has been very neglected. It’s teaming with wildlife, so trying to not interfere too much, but hopefully have a harvest that isn’t overshadowed by the more dominant indigenous species.

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