Trash, Trash, and More Trash

This is the third load of scrap metal we’ve carted off so far and we haven’t even started cleaning out the woods.

I caught myself the other day wondering why I come home from work, change clothes, and then work for another 2-6 hours in the evening doing stuff like this? That’s on top of the 10-12 hour days Don and I put in almost every weekend.

I don’t know about Don but I do it BECAUSE I LOVE IT! It’s like now that we’ve committed I can’t not do it. I am addicted to the improvement and the progress.

And the fact that we actually, finally, after 20 years have our own chickens and our own bees gives me the kind of tingles that are usually reserved for new romance.

There’s also evening vistas like this.



3 thoughts on “Trash, Trash, and More Trash

  1. Susan David

    Wow. I have so enjoyed this glimpse into your world, am envious of the physical abilities you still enjoy-savor them! Thank you for inviting me to read. I’ve subscribed, now, so I’ll never miss another entry, woo hoo!

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