We spent the morning teaching chickens to walk down the ramp from the coop into the run.

Yes, this is what our life has come to.


Trash, Trash, and More Trash

This is the third load of scrap metal we’ve carted off so far and we haven’t even started cleaning out the woods.

I caught myself the other day wondering why I come home from work, change clothes, and then work for another 2-6 hours in the evening doing stuff like this? That’s on top of the 10-12 hour days Don and I put in almost every weekend.

I don’t know about Don but I do it BECAUSE I LOVE IT! It’s like now that we’ve committed I can’t not do it. I am addicted to the improvement and the progress.

And the fact that we actually, finally, after 20 years have our own chickens and our own bees gives me the kind of tingles that are usually reserved for new romance.

There’s also evening vistas like this.



Since Last We Spoke

My goodness friends it’s been such a whirlwind around here I don’t remember when I last posted anything.

I remember tempting fate and then blowing out my back and consequently losing two weeks of productive time.

Since then we’ve managed to finish the chicken coop and get the bees installed. I also planted a patch of potatoes because, well, they had seed potatoes at the feed store and how can you pass those up?

Picture dump.


Remember how we started with this?  Well, now it looks like this.


It was like building a square inside a rhombus. I invented new words while we worked on it. Above is the South end, lots of light. Those are windows we salvaged from the “mudroom” demo on the house.


The East wall is two large doors so the whole thing can be opened for cleaning… like this.


We put the nest boxes on the West wall so they are inside the alleyway and we can gather eggs without getting rained on.


There’s another human-sized door inside the run. Eventually, the chicken door will be in this door – we’re keeping them in the coop until the run is totally fenced and then their door will remain open. Again to save us rain exposure.


We’re trying to make the coop and the run as critter-proof as humanly possible. That way it will be less maintenance for us.IMG_2513

Hard to believe the exponential growth of chickens. They seem to enjoy their new digs. I think they’re happy to be out of that brooder.

We really bit off a bit too much trying to finish the coop and finish getting ready for the bees as well. Thank goodness we only had top bars left to cut.


I went and picked up our bee packages yesterday and it was such a beautiful day that we were able to install them as soon as I got back. I have to say that the ride home was not nearly as nerve wracking as I had expected. The gentle hum of the bees was actually a little soporific.


The install was so laid back I was amazed.


Only one mishap. The queen in the second package managed to escape her cage but luckily she fell right into the hive. I couldn’t very well catch her again so I just hurriedly dumped the other bees in there. I think she’ll be alright, she had already been with the package for two days. I guess we’ll see.


I’ll tell ya, there’s not much better than a clear spring day in Washington state.

This little patch is the only garden work I’ve found time to do… so far. But if worse comes to worse we’ll at least have eggs, potatoes, onions, and maybe a little honey!


Friends, I am so happy and so tired. Hope your spring is going well.