Perfection Not Allowed

Farm truck update:  DONE, BOOM! Hopefully the truck will never grace the pages of this blog again.

The chicks are two weeks old as of last Friday and since there’s no motivation like desperation we have finally started building the coop and run.

Or I should say, remodeling a couple of barn stalls into a future chicken palace.


Maybe “barn” is a little too grand for the structure we have but it’s ours so we call it what we want. 🙂 After tearing away plywood and stall dividers, and removing several years of horse poop, this is what was left. Sow’s ear to silk purse here we go!


We framed in the floor with wood from the wood-lot at work. I’m really, really happy to have found that resource!


Then we cut off those dangly bits from the roof and framed in the South wall. The odd spacing is to accommodate windows we salvaged from the mud porch we had to tear off the house. You can kind of see the additional support we put under the deck, again all salvaged stuff.


This is just another shot.


We had just enough repurposed 2X lumber to deck the floor. The new boards are where the inside wall sill is going.  Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve accomplished this weekend. Today is Sunday and every time one of us steps outside it starts raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. So frustrating!! If the weather cooperates this week, we hope to have at least the coop complete by next Sunday.

The coop is 8’x12′ and the run, including the space under the coop is 12’X24′ roughly. That will be more than enough room for the 15 or so birds we plan on keeping… he said, foolishly tempting the universe.

So far, we’ve had to buy deck screws, and we will have to buy wire to screen the run but if there’s anyway possible we’re going to try to make that our only purchases.

Using found and repurposed material inside a cobbled together barn necessarily results in less than perfection but that’s okay, I think perfection is overrated.