Beehive Pride

Today had a less than spectacular beginning. The starter is screwed up on the farm truck. We only use the truck to haul stuff so it’s not a do or die situation but the woodlot at work has been filling up with some delectable goodies that are just too big to fit in my Ford Escape. I decided I would get it done this morning. Well, let’s just say that things didn’t work out that way. The starter on this truck is surprisingly accessible and held in by only two bolts. Unfortunately those bolts might as well be welded in place. I tried wrenches, sockets, even an impact wrench (granted, only a cordless impact driver but still) and no luck. Finally, after lunch I went out and sprayed them with WD-40 and am praying they might loosen a bit by tomorrow.

The beauty of the day is that the truck roadblock cleared the way for us to work on our beehive.


Yes, here it is. I can’t properly express how proud I am of us. We have two more steps for it to be complete cut and install the top bars in the boxes and install the burlap bottom on the quilt box.

These stacked boxes don’t just represent another farm goal they also represent ingenuity. When we decided to get bees I was very dismayed at the cost. We looked at hives online, in stores, and even in kit form. Prices ranged anywhere from $150 to $350 dollars depending on quality and how much assembly we were willing to do ourselves.

We have about $32 invested in this hive and after building this one I think that by taking advantage of the aforementioned woodlot at work I can build the next one for free!


I have to say that all in all this turned out to be a very good Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Beehive Pride

  1. That is sweet. You are doing it right. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the Walter T Kelley kit. The price is killing me. I did write the check for the bees themselves – also killing me. If I had a bit of confidence and time, I’d do like you and build a hive like that and catch a swarm for free.

    1. freethnkr1965

      Thanks Chris. I’m just hoping this is not one of those “not knowing enough not to do it” situations. Hahaha. Have you looked at the stuff on Several people in the beekeeper’s group here seem to use them a lot.

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