Battling The Gray Days

It’s been gray and rainy since last we talked. Even though we’ve passed the winter solstice and, in theory at least, the days are getting longer the sun is still gone by 5 around here. I have to admit that I’ve gone a little stir crazy being cooped up in the house.

That is until this happened!


Yeah baby!! Woot! I don’t know if Don was acting out of extreme generosity or extreme self-preservation but through a very creative use of power strips and extension cords he has managed to bring light to the darkness. We actually stayed out after dark today! I felt so adventurous.

This is what we created this evening.


That is our very first bee box. I know it’s not fusion power but to me it might as well be. It’s another step on our journey that seemed like it would never happen. And just to belabor the point that my husband is THE BEST husband in the world, you will notice how bright it is inside the shop while it is dark outside the shop. Yes, I will probably be obnoxious about this for a while. Thanks for your forbearance.

We’ve decided to build Warre hives otherwise known as The People’s Hive (isn’t that cool?). It was developed in the first part of the 20th century by a French priest who thought that beekeeping should be accessible by anyone. We’ll see if this is true!

We’ve got two packages of bees coming in April so we’ll build two hives and a couple of extra boxes. Warre also provided plans for an integrated feeder which we plan on constructing as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Warre hives you can visit this link

This has been a very good Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Battling The Gray Days

    1. freethnkr1965

      Haha, thanks, it is. You just made me realize that I’m excited about a wooden box for insects hahaha. Oh what my life has come to!

      1. Don’t worry about it. I have three wooden boxes for insects and I’m hoping to upgrade to five! And yes, oh what my life has come to–I’m so excited that these are real concerns. These are real things, gardening, beekeeping, planting trees; these are the things that make life real and that walk my talk about making the planet a better place.

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