Suppressing the Wackadoo

Is it a little weird that one of the reasons we chose this place is the hope that it will weather climate change better than where we were and that our children and grandchildren will have a place to go? Because deep down where I hide the little bits of conspiracy theories and the hope that elves are real and the fear that Bigfoot does exist that’s really one of the reasons we’re here.

One thought on “Suppressing the Wackadoo

  1. It’s there. It’s not the reason most of us returned to the land. We were called. Our connection to growing food and raising livestock (even if so far it is just cats) is about something inborn. I came home, after 35 years in California. Climate change wasn’t why I came home–it was about family. But I confess, I haven’t looked back. My California friends report on the ongoing drought and I sigh and give thanks for the rain.

    The wackadoos are out there. There are survivalists and preppers and all manner of crazies. We keep our distance.

    Our commitment is to place. Our engagement with the land is an exchange and an opportunity to walk our talk about regenerative policies that, we hope, will go beyond “our part” to saving the planet. We sign petitions. We vote. We work to keep our carbon footprint light. We try not to be swept up in whatever the crazy-making issues of the day. Our role must be steady and straightforward. We keep up with the best practices and leave the rest to be sorted out by others.

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