Charlie Brown

Watching cartoons, eating cookies, and generally feeling warm and happy. I sincerely hope you are having a happy holiday!



Soggy Bottom Farm

It’s been cold and gray and soggy since we returned home. The constant drizzle combined with the loss of daylight at four in the afternoon has been my excuse for not doing anything productive.

But today I went and hung a fluorescent light in the tractor shed/workshop and I feel so much better. I didn’t do anything else of course – like clean up said shop – but sometimes when you’re in a rut you just have to pick one thing and do that one thing. It’s the break in the dam.

Suppressing the Wackadoo

Is it a little weird that one of the reasons we chose this place is the hope that it will weather climate change better than where we were and that our children and grandchildren will have a place to go? Because deep down where I hide the little bits of conspiracy theories and the hope that elves are real and the fear that Bigfoot does exist that’s really one of the reasons we’re here.