We did not take the train to the country but we did make Christchurch and Trinity College – where we saw the Book of Kells. We also visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle. We saw stone foundations that were built by Vikings.
We visited a pub and made new friends and ran into two other guys from Seattle. Small world.
Yesterday we arrived in London after a very short flight where the airline still managed to offer us all the complimentary alcohol we cared to consume. Europe, my liver is so happy we don’t live here. Hahaha.
Today we rode a double decker bus for hours and hours looking at the sights. Thousands and thousands of years of history and the commentator focused on shopping and pointing out exotic cars. So frustrating.
Tomorrow we have a formal day-long tour. People in London are not as friendly as in Dublin but then London is the size of New York City. I guess we can’t expect small town congeniality.
Friday is a free day.
I miss our small home and familiarity but I am so enjoying this adventure.
Take care.

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