Twenty Years Later

15 years ago we decided that on our 20 year anniversary we would take a trip. We hoped it would be A Room With a View trip and feared it might be a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles trip. It fell somewhere in between… just as it should.

My husband and I have never forgotten to be in love, even during the rough patches, so I can’t say that we fell in love again but I did realize that without him I would have never ventured so far from home. There are so many ways he makes me a better, braver, kinder person.

Amidst all of the history, and pageantry, and sometimes ostentatious display I think I found some spiritual truth. (I can’t help it, I’m a seeker and it’s what we do.) But mostly I had one of the best vacations just being a tourist with my husband.

If I can work out some meaning I may share it later but for now I wanted to share a few of the 1300 pictures we took (how did people travel before digital photography??? hahaha).

Christmas lights in Dublin.
Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.
Buckingham Palace Road where we strolled in the evening in London.
The London Eye at night from the River Thames.
Part of the night skyline from the River Thames.
The Tower of London.
Big Ben in the evening.
The River Thames at night.

River Thames

The River Thames on our way back to the hotel this evening. There is extravagant beauty all around us yet I am longing for the extravagant beauty of our simple home.
I am trying to work out a meaning that I feel lurking around the edges of this trip. Something to do with story and the egalitarianism of death. I haven’t got it yet but I am trying.
Hope you all are well and are having a happy thanksgiving.


We did not take the train to the country but we did make Christchurch and Trinity College – where we saw the Book of Kells. We also visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle. We saw stone foundations that were built by Vikings.
We visited a pub and made new friends and ran into two other guys from Seattle. Small world.
Yesterday we arrived in London after a very short flight where the airline still managed to offer us all the complimentary alcohol we cared to consume. Europe, my liver is so happy we don’t live here. Hahaha.
Today we rode a double decker bus for hours and hours looking at the sights. Thousands and thousands of years of history and the commentator focused on shopping and pointing out exotic cars. So frustrating.
Tomorrow we have a formal day-long tour. People in London are not as friendly as in Dublin but then London is the size of New York City. I guess we can’t expect small town congeniality.
Friday is a free day.
I miss our small home and familiarity but I am so enjoying this adventure.
Take care.

3am in Dublin

I am finally feeling almost human again. 10 hours flying to Paris then 4 hours, including layover time, to get to Dublin then trying to stay awake to adjust to the time change added up to about 30 hours or so of no sleep. Last night at about 7pm local time I just passed out. Luckily I was in the bed and not sitting in a pub somewhere! 😄
It’s fascinating walking around with a thousand years of history. We only have one full day here, tomorrow, to try to see as much as we can. Luckily we are centrally located to much of the history.
The people have been genuinely kind so far – aside from grumbling about slow walking tourists.
Tomorrow we will try to take the train out to the coast in the morning and then visit Christchurch and Trinity College when we get back.
More to follow.

Hidy Ho Neighbor

Just wanted to say hello!

This little blog and the people who read it make my life a little better and I just wanted to say thanks.

That is all.

Oh, and I’m about to have potato soup and cornbread for supper. Oh my goodness there’s just not much better than that.