Forced Simplicity?

I’m not ignoring this blog just paying the price for a day of unbridled indulgence.
The only internet service we could get out here is HughesNet. It’s actually not horrible service but there are data limits. We bumped up against those limits for the first time this month. It was totally my fault. I convinced Don to finally watch Sense8 and he picked up my obsession hahaha. We watched all 12 episodes in two days on Netflix which of course streams over the Internet.
So now our account is throttled down so it takes forever to download or upload. The good thing is our account resets in two more days. Yay!
It’s funny, we gained a lot of freedom out here but with that independence has come the responsibility of watching our usage of water, propane, Internet, etc.. But I am very happy to make the exchange.

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