Just Ramblin’

Not a lot going on here on the homestead.

I admit it, I’ve just been a slug all week. I’ve mostly played around with my GoPro camera seeing if I can maybe make some video blogs to share with you. I’m definitely going to have to work on my brevity. I took the camera out for a walk around the farm and talked and talked for a half hour. 🙂

I won’t subject you to it! Hahaha!

We went to the Washington State Fair this past Monday afternoon. I saw my first live Lowline Angus – I am seriously intrigued. May have to forego the Dexters in favor of this little beef cow. I may have to forego all cows if I don’t get off my duff and fix the fences around here!

We also met people from our local beekeepers association and made plans to start attending their beginning beekeeper classes in October. I’ve downloaded plans for a Langstroth hive. I plan to build two as a winter project and stock them next spring. I seriously can’t wait to harvest some honey!

Speaking of downloadable plans, I visit the MSU Cares webpage first when I’m looking for ways to build my own stuff. They have plans for everything from a farmhouse to this low cost beehive. I can spend a whole evening just browsing through the files.

If you have a favorite place to find plans or inspiration for your homestead I would love to hear about it.

Happy Mabon!


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