A Crystal Sunday

IMG_1856This morning every arachnid in the pasture was lord or lady of a jeweled palace.

I have to say this morning was probably a perfect fall morning. The temperature was brisk but not biting. The mist was just thick enough to be beautiful and lasted just long enough to not be annoying. The light was clear and it was IMG_1863perfect weather to pick grapes.

So that’s what I did.

I harvested a little under 10 gallons of bunches. After stemming and sorting this is what we were left with. I didn’t measure but that is my water-bath canner filled with purple goodness.

IMG_1866We didn’t really have time to make jelly today so we just juiced them. We’ll put two gallons in the freezer and the rest we’ll go ahead and sip on. I’m pretty sure these are Concord grapes. They look like Concords but more importantly they smell like the 1970s.

After picking grapes I attacked more english ivy and Don mowed the yard. Slowly this place is starting to come back to life. Perhaps an apropros realization on this crystalline Sunday.

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