A Very Good Saturday

IMG_1848Today was supposed to be all about mowing the yard but as so often happens I got distracted.  In my defense I started out the day on course – my task was to weed eat the ditch and in front of the fence. Well… let me justify my actions.

The fence in the front yard has been a sore spot for us since we moved in.  All the fences on this place are in extreme disrepair but the one in front was just awful. Sagging woven wire hanging on broken fence posts. In most spots it wasn’t possible to tell whether the post was holding the wire up or vice versa. As it turns out, in many spots neither was true. The real structural element was the english ivy.

The pic above is the corner post, or what was left of it. The post had almost completely rotted away and the only thing supporting the fence was the gargantuan ivy trunks. That branch is an ivy vine. The ones at the bottom that you can’t see were even bigger.

8 hours later the fence and the ivy (well most of it) were gone and the lawn was still not mowed. Doesn’t matter, tomorrow is another day and a sore spot has been removed. All in all, a good day still.

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