IMG_1816Yesterday these branches were loaded with pears. Sometime last night or today something took them all.  I think it was crows. We’ve chased crows out of the tree several times.

When the pears were green they never did any appreciable damage. But yesterday the pears had reached a buttery yellow perfection. Now they’re IMG_1817gone.

This is all they left. If you look closely you can see beak marks.

A group of crows may not really be called a murder. But if this happens next year a murder will happen.

4 thoughts on “Crows

    1. freethnkr1965

      I don’t mind crows usually, they’re such smart birds. My great grandfather had one in his yard that he taught to speak. But they can be very destructive that’s for sure.

  1. L. Katherine Roberts

    Your post brought this to mind. Poetry seems to make everything better.

    “When God demanded light,
    he didn’t banish darkness.
    Instead, he invented
    ebony and crows . . . “ – Why Are Your Poems So Dark, Linda Pastan

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