Just for a few hours!

Don is off to a Dr’s appointment and I am at home alone. This rarely happens so I use the time to indulge in those things I have to keep hidden from the husband.

IMG_1814Namely, scarfing sardines! Yum! We keep a few tins of the delectable morsels in the cupboard where they sit like contraband, gathering dust until I’m alone in the house. Like an addict I check the clock and wonder “Will the smell dissipate before he gets back?”

Then I grasp that pull tab and open the tin like Geraldo opening Al Cappone’s safe. Good thing is, I actually find something!

I’m not a fancier of fancy sardines. Keep your tomato sauce and hot sauce, I like mine in oil with mustard like God intended. I don’t let the absence of crackers put me off either.

As I write this the evidence of my shame is hidden in the trash and my husband just texted that he is picking up dinner on his way home.

I don’t feel guilty.

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