Taking Time Off

So this is kind of a filler post. We haven’t accomplished much this week. We did manage to get rid of the rest of the super phosphate. Yay! Now the truck bed is empty and we can haul off more stuff. Thank goodness.

IMG_1811Today is a gray, rainy day. I’m not complaining. We’ve set several records this year for high temps and dryness and the rain is more than welcome.

It’s also a good excuse to spend the day inside doing inside stuff.

Yesterday we finally redeemed a Groupon for one of the local IMG_1798attractions.  There is a non-profit railroad slash museum in Elbe, Washington that we visited. They claim to have the largest collection of steam engines in existence. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. I’m not a train aficionado so I don’t know. It was an interesting if grueling trip. The weather caused us many delays as the train crew cleared branches from the tracks.

IMG_1796The cars, tracks, and engines are maintained mostly by volunteers so you have to cut them some slack.  Still, I would’ve liked to see one that had been faithfully restored. We sat in this car. Perhaps the tables and chairs were period but I doubt it.

I really don’t mean to seem ungrateful, it was obvious that someone loves IMG_1803trains.  Maybe that’s what was missing – the connection of a true fan.  Regardless, it was a nice Saturday morning excursion.

I found the museum itself pretty interesting. Each of these little cabins was used for  logging crews, logging camp workers, and the logging families. These were traveling houses and quite IMG_1800frankly I thought they were much better than the travel trailers in use today. One even had a hot water heater and a shower. Nice.

One thing I walked away with was inspiration for a barn. Our barn is, well, ramshackle at best. I noticed one of the new buildings at the museum would be incredibly easy to build and would IMG_1801make a great barn.

It’s just a pole barn with metal siding and a metal roof.  Each pole is topped with a double truss and then purlins on the roof and walls.

The winds were very strong that day and I didn’t even hear a squeak out of the building.

IMG_1802The concrete you see at the bottom is not a slab floor, it’s just a walkway around the perimeter. It was obviously poured after the building was erected. I think I could build this myself.

Someday, someday.

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