A Very Good Thursday

IMG_1737This is my tractor.  It’s one of the important people in my life.

It’s a 1952 Ford 8N and it has a wonderful personality.  It starts right up each time I need it.  It pulls its little heart out when I ask, and, unfortunately, we’re going to have to part ways sometime in the future.

I bought it out of nostalgia as much as need and now I realize that even though it satisfies me emotionally, it doesn’t really satisfy the needs of the farm.

This tractor was really made to pull a plow and that’s pretty much it.  It has a PTO but it’s almost useless because it runs directly off the transmission.  I can use it but I look like an overgrown gymnast jumping up and down on the clutch.  It has no auxiliary hydraulics.  I could put a front end loader on it but it would cover most of the tractor.

IMG_1742At this stage of reclamation I really need a tractor that can help me get rid of stuff like this.

I spent this afternoon wrapping a chain around various boards and pulling stuff out of this thicket.  The tractor and I had fun and we did make some progress in the blackberry war but it was awkward and jerky progress.

But still, any day on the tractor is a good day and this was a Very Good Thursday.

IMG_1748Don’t be fooled though, the blackberries fought valiantly.  When they couldn’t deter me with their thorns, they tempted me with their lusciousness. I have to admit I gave in for a while. I picked just enough berries to make a small cobbler. Then the cool voice of reason whispered in my ear and I walked away. Oh blackberry you are an exotic, exciting lover but you would be no good with kids and a mortgage. I had to leave you.

IMG_1728Earlier in the week after making jam I just couldn’t bear to toss the rest of the plums.

So I chopped them up, boiled them with just a little water and froze just under a gallon of juice. Someday I will do our harvest justice but for now I have to be satisfied with what is actually doable.

IMG_1729It wasn’t that great by itself – kinda sour with a hint of molasses.  But with a teaspoon of honey mixed in, oh my goodness, nectar of the gods!

Now I’m off to drink a beer and walk in the woods with my love.  Life is good my friend, life is good.

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