IMG_1679Yesterday I pulled fence posts.  The first of many that will need to be moved.  They were in surprisingly good shape.  I only lost one.  It was right next to a stump and had been invaded by ants. Carpenter ants are rampant up here.  We’ve been dousing the house with chemicals on a regular basis fighting an infestation. We’re normally pretty austere in our chemical usage but I have no problem going atomic on bugs that are eating my house.  Again I say, it’s not the use of chemicals that is bad per say, it’s our over-use of chemicals that is bad.

On that note, a quick aside:  To kill weeds try this recipe.  1 gallon of 6% vinegar mixed with one small bottle of lemon liquid dish soap (the cheapest you can find). Put that in a sprayer and douse those unwanted plants.  You will be amazed at how well it works. We sprayed some thistle out by the barn and by that afternoon they were as brown as if we had used Roundup – which we don’t… anymore… to the best of my knowledge.

One more quick aside.  I can remember as a kid watching my dad put diesel in a sprayer to spray weeds.  Wasn’t ignorance blissful?!

IMG_1681Anyway, these posts were remnants of a pretty nice three rail fence.  You can see some of the rails on the ground.  And like I said, they are in pretty good shape so we’re going to repurpose them into the front fence and entryway to the property.  And although we can’t afford to do a rail fence around the whole farm – at least not now or in the near future – we will be able to combine this fence with some existing fence and pretty frugally enclose the yard, garden, and fruit trees.  It’s all about doing what we can with what we have.

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