Stupid Blind Faith

I know I’ve been instructed to share no pictures until the house is completely done but at the rate we’re going that may be never!  🙂

Not really.  We’ve made AMAZING progress over the last four months.  Honestly I can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished.

When I look at the pictures we’ve taken along the way I can’t believe we ever bought this place. Anyone in their right mind would’ve run away screaming.

And with good reason.

But something here just spoke to us and we couldn’t let it go.  We even had the realtor bring us back out so we could try to talk ourselves out of the deal.  I was sold on the property.  The husband was sold on the view. Neither of us was really sold on the house.

Sometimes you just got to have stupid, blind faith. There’s just no other way to go.

Bathroom (almost) before:


Bathroom (almost) after:


There’s no door in the picture because there are no interior doors in the house.  They’re all out in the barn waiting to be stripped and repainted. Just one of the many finishing touches we have yet to accomplish.

As a side note, you break through a lot of societal barriers living in a house with no doors.  Just sayin’.

The whole reason for this post was the feeling I just had of really being home.  And loving the way the home is turning out.

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