Rolling With Roland

IMG_1588This good-looking guy came to visit us recently.  He just showed up in the yard one day and chose to roost on the front porch.  We kept watch over him through the window and would occasionally throw him some bread crumbs.  After a while, just to keep things civil, we named him Roland.  (Well, Don named him Henry and I named him Roland.  Roland never deigned to share his preference.)

We had no idea where he’d come from or to whom he belonged.  We suspected he came from a neighbor but since no one came looking for him we didn’t begrudge him his perch.

After a week we decided that feeding him bread probably wasn’t that good for him and bought a bag of scratch.  Of course that very day, while we were at the feed store, he decided to go home.  Fickle chicken.

Turns out he does belong to the neighbor.  She told Don that if Roland ever makes his way back up here we can keep him.  They are changing out their flock and giving away birds.  Unfortunately we are not ready for a flock of our own – I am not satisfied with our homestead infrastructure and we have other commitments this year.  It’s stressful enough trying to rehabilitate this place without having to do it around livestock.  Plus, it would add unneeded stress to the animals’ lives.

But we sure do miss seeing Roland in the yard.

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