The Enjoyable Ache of Labor

IMG_1439Physical labor that is.

Since we finally moved out here I’ve come home from work and done some intense physical labor almost every day.  It’s been a while since I’ve done that on a regular basis.  It’s enough that my muscles ache while I lay in bed at night.

Surprisingly it feels wonderful.  It’s like an “accomplishment afterglow”.

Yesterday I was so beat when I got home from work I thought I would just take the evening off and I did.  It was nice but when I got in bed I didn’t fall asleep as quickly as usual and I didn’t sleep as deeply.  The longer I live the more I believe in the agrarian lifestyle.

Today the dear husband mowed the yard and ran the weed eater.  When I got home I ran the bush hog around the pasture fence and out in the woods.

One of the things I’m liking most about this life change is the intentionalness of it.  When I use the tractor and bush hog I can’t just decide to do it and go do it.  There’s a whole ritual that has to occur.  First I have to pump grease into all the grease zerks on the tractor and the mower.  Then I have to check the gas level in the tractor (no gauge).  Then check the oil and the hydraulic fluid.  Then I have to start the tractor and let it warm up.  Then move to where I want to start mowing and attach the mower driveshaft to the PTO.

It’s a production and it’s fantastic.  When I decide to mow, I have to decide to mow.

Each time I mow out in the woods I cut a little further.  I’m slowly clearing more brush and blackberries away. There will come a point where I stop because I want nature to remain – and there’s a fence.  Hahaha.  It’s always a balance when you try to make land productive in human terms.  Even though I know they’re not as good for the environment, I still love clean fencerows. How much clean fencerow can I have and still feel like I’m supporting the natural world?

I actually think about things like that.

The property to the west of us is unoccupied.  It’s an old place inherited by a family that lives close by. They come over regularly for maintenance and to cut wood.  Today they were chatting with Don about our place.  They said, “It’s starting to look like someone lives here.”  Hahaha, I guess we’re making headway!

I promise to post some pictures soon.  Usually by the time there’s something to photograph I’m too tired to get my phone.

So, now that I’m just rambling I will close.

Another awesome day!

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