There are so many extraneous things that never figure into your remodeling plans.

Fast food: It’s amazing how much you eat out because you don’t have a stove, or if you do you’re just too tired to use it.

Gasoline: The extra trips to hardware stores, furniture stores, liquor stores… they never make it into the projected budget.

But the worst, the absolute worst is cardboard.  Everything you buy whether tool or fixture is packaged in cardboard.

I spent this afternoon piling our cardboard pile into he back of the pickup.  It’s quite a pile too.  Even with every box broken down and flat the bed is still overflowing.  But the barn breezeway is passable again and anytime spent in the barn is good time.

Now it’s time to close the blinds and shut out the night, crawl into a comfy bed, and dream smallholder dreams.  They really are the best!

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