Idle Hands

IMG_0754My friend says my quilting always seems to precede large life changes.  Maybe it’s my way of processing things I know are coming but am unready to face.  I don’t know, she’s much wiser than me.




Lately though, I feel as if idle hands are a sin.  Recently while puttering in the garden I had the thought that I should occupy my hands as much as possible with work that adds to my household.



Since then I’ve kept a stash of scrap material, scissors, needle, and thread in a drawer in the end table next to the love seat where I sit to watch television.  This quilt is paper-pieced in the English tradition.  It’s very easy but very time consuming.



Each little hexagon is a small piece of fabric folded over a paper template and basted in place.





Then each of the hexagons are whip stitched together.



It’s a lot of small steps but not complicated.





I don’t know what the future holds for me or what it is that I am working through but at least I know that I will have a quilt (something beautiful?) at the end.

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