You Never Know Until You Try

At roughly $95 an ounce you would think you could get rich growing Saffron.  Probably not gonna happen.  Saffron is the stigma from the flower of the Saffron Crocus.  Each flower produces only three of the tiny filaments and each one has to be harvested by hand.  It takes about an acre and several hundred thousand plants to produce one pound of spice.  That’s only $1500 an acre.  It’s not a winning agricultural strategy.

But we’re going to try growing our own anyway.

We ordered bulbs from the Dutch Grown catalog and they arrived a few days ago.  The instructions said to plant them as soon as they arrived.  Well, we couldn’t really decide on a spot in our tiny yard.  They need rich soil that is well drained.  Rich soil we got. Well drained? Well, that’s a rare commodity in the Pacific Northwest.  What we did have was some lumber from some crappy shelves my husband had removed from the utility room recently.

IMG_0697Rip, screw, and fill with compost and potting soil and voila – Saffron Crocus bed.

IMG_0699The bulbs go in two four inches deep, four inches apart.  Easy peasy tucked away to grow or not as they see fit.  Worse comes to worst I will at least have another bed to utilize in the spring.

IMG_0707This little guy approves.

IMG_0711Just another shot cause he’s so cute.

3 thoughts on “You Never Know Until You Try

  1. freethnkr1965

    Turns out I should’ve planted the bulbs 4″ deep. Well, the depth was a swag (scientific wild ass guess) so I think they’re close enough. But if you should see this post and decide to plant your own veggie gold do as I say not as I did.

    1. freethnkr1965

      I find him often in the garden shed waiting patiently on on the ladder. It’s kind of amazing all the places he pops up. I wonder if he’s my spirit animal? Hmmm, now I’m going to have to go investigate.

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