Waiting on Perfection

My dearest friend said to me the other day that after reading some of my recent posts it seems as though I am settling in here.  I can see how it might seem that way.  The yard, the garden, all the improvements we’ve made to this humble dwelling would suggest a certain attachment.  But the truth is I’m not settling in.  I’m still very much unsettled.  Things could change of course.  I’ve got an interview for a position with the same company at a different site next week.  That alone could make a big difference.  I could come to realize that my kids really are grown and capable of being happy and healthy with me in a different state.  But none of those things are true right now.

So why all the effort on the house and the garden?

Well, the house thing has become habit I think.  This is what… the third house we’ve remodeled?  I think that if we were to move into a “ready to live” home we wouldn’t know how to act.

The other though, the garden, the dehydrating and canning, the planting and long term planning – that is the result of learning.  I’ve been sporadically reading Joel Salatin’s You Can Farm and one of the things he tells would-be agriculturists is to try it where you are.  He’s pretty blunt and says straight out that if you can’t do it where you are you probably won’t be able to do it when you finally find that perfect little country place either.

He’s talking about creativity of course.  No one could possibly expect me to be able to raise miniature cows in this 55+ mobile home park.  That would be insane.  But if I can’t grow carrots here in a small patch I definitely won’t be able to grow them in a market garden somewhere else.  If I can’t find some creative way to market what I do here then the most likely outcome at a bigger place is not being able to do it on a grander scale.  Get the picture?

So I’ve begun.  It’s that simple.  And if tomorrow the opportunity to move back home should present itself I will walk away from all the work and not be sad at all because it’s the work, the effort, the learning, THE BEGINNING that is important.

However, the truth is that opportunity may never materialize so I’m through waiting on perfection to shake my hand and say, “Let’s get started.”  I’m starting now and perfection will just have to hustle his ass and catch up to me.

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