Labor Day Morning

Went to bed early last night and woke early this morning.  It feels good.

IMG_0579Decided this morning that the hydrangea flowers had dried enough.  The ones that turned out well will soon be on their way to San Angelo, TX and the rest… I will find some way to turn them in an arrangement so they are pretty.  The brown tips are not from the drying process, they’re the result of heat and the touchy-feely way you have to decide if the bloom is ready to pick.  If you pick hydrangea blooms too early they contain too much moisture and will not dry.  If you pick them too late (like some in this picture) they will have brown spots.  Like most of life it’s trial and error.

There are a plethora of late fall blooms on the plant now that I’m going to harvest today and hang to dry.  We’ll see what happens to the purple and 

IMG_0582lavender colors they have now.


I also took down the basil that was drying and packed it away in a jar.  Such a delicious smell in the kitchen this morning and it was so easy.  I don’t know exactly how long this batch of basil will last us but the effort

IMG_0589was so small I can’t see purchasing basil in the store anymore.

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