Staying Home Today

Last week I went to a neurologist to see if he could do anything more for my tremor than my general practitioner.  Turns out there’s not a lot that can be done.  My condition is not severe enough to warrant invasive procedures and even if it were I would not have them done.  One involves inserting wires into my brain that direct electrical impulses into my hippocampus or some such.  The other involves directing little beams of radiation to destroy a small cluster of brain cells.

Honestly, I will have to become totally incapacitated before I consider either of those.

Medication helps.  I take a beta blocker that does something, no one quite knows what, and decreases the modulation of the tremors.  The doctor felt that we still had some room to increase the dose so I’m taking it twice a day now.  It is helping but I’m feeling a little fatigued.  My pulse is still well within an acceptable range and I think that after another week or so I will adjust to a new normal.

But for today, I am being quiet.

IMG_0523I worked in the garden this past weekend.  The bare ground that you see was previously covered completely with weed cloth and a few hundred pavers.

I’ve actually gotten farther than this picture shows.  My plan is to have six beds, three on each side of the middle path.  The existing bed that you see was here when we moved in and so we made use of it.  Now though, we have to wait until the brussels sprouts and onions are ready to harvest before I can move it.  Shouldn’t be much longer though – the onions are starting to lay over and the brussels sprouts are starting to swell.

I learned two things about brussels sprouts this weekend.


IMG_05321.  You are supposed to trim the leaves as the plant grows leaving about five rows of leaves at the top of the plant.  This directs the plant’s energy into growing sprouts and not leaves.

2.  You can eat brussels sprouts leaves.  Yeah, who knew?!  They are actually pretty tasty but a little chewy.  After learning this I gathered the leaves and sautéed them in olive oil with some salt and pepper.  They were delicious.  Unfortunately, because I had left them on the plant so long they were just too tough to mess with.  This batch made a pretty picture but then it went into the compost bin.


IMG_0519While I was busy outside, Don was busy inside laying tile.

We have had the best luck with the new peel and stick tile.  I have to tell you, I think the secret is buying the 18″ square tiles instead of the square foot ones.

I just love that we finally have some finished edges on this place.  This happens to be the view from my desk.  Sometimes I just turn my head to gaze and be happy.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  Have a happy Monday!




One thought on “Staying Home Today

  1. I’ve recently returned to Brussels sprouts after a long absence—actually shaved Brussels sprouts. I found them on sale at the grocery store and decided they might make a nice addition to a vegetable dish I had in mind. My foodie experiment proved to be both simple and delicious. I sautéed shaved sprouts, broccoli slaw, and snow peas in lemon infused olive oil, then added fresh ginger, salt, and pepper to taste. The vegetables were tasty, both alone and over rice. Happy gardening!

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