Dear Reader

I wish more novels still began that way.

I’ve several drafts in my little draft folder but I fear none of them will see daylight.  My thoughts are too inconstant to share, one day cheery, the next day maudlin.  The ruin of many a good writer has been the faithful replication of their true emotions (and I don’t mean their writing, I mean themselves).

I just finished watching Kill Your Darlings.  It was a decent flick, but it did not move me in the way I suspect its creators intended.

I have a great respect for Allen Ginsberg and his generation of writers/poets.  The existential angst they must’ve been feeling was no doubt great.  And the fact that they paved the way for others is not lost on me either.  But I did not regard that angst in the romantic light I once would have.  No longer do I see creativity as the exclusive bailiwick of the emotionally chaotic.  I do not regard painful creation as more worthy than cheerful or enjoyable creation.  I just do not.


It is the next morning.  I have completed the last assignments due this week in my last two classes.  Six more weeks and if all goes well I will finally be finished with my Bachelor of Science degree.  I have no idea what I will do with it when I’m done but at least it will be one thing that I have actually completed.

In a couple of hours we go to view a possible property.

So much to think about in this life.

3 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. L. Katherine roberts

    Dear Writer- “It was like this: You were happy, then you were sad, then happy again, then not.”- Jane Hirshfield

    Could the acceptance of this simple truth, as it applies to our life and our writing, enhance both?

  2. L. Katherine Roberts

    Yes, and as you mentioned, angst isn’t as romantic as it used to be. By the way, I meant to add: 1) Write, if you enjoy writing. 2) Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. 3) Good luck with your property search.

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