It’s 11:41 on a Sunday night and I can’t sleep.  I have to wake up in four hours and 18 minutes and I can’t sleep.

I’m feeling overwhelming homesickness tonight, which is strange considering Don and I left Texas over five years ago.  But I guess there’s no accounting for emotions and when they decide to surface.  I’m sure part of it is just the fact that I’m so sleepy and yet can’t sleep – that’s rarely if ever a positive boost to the psyche, but it’s also that I just miss people.

Maybe this is just rambling and an achy back.

Maybe it’s the realization that moving back home would entail countless challenges.  Lying in bed I started thinking about moving back home and inevitably moved to those challenges.  Texas, oh Texas, why must you be so muleheaded?

Sleep is calling.

For those of you watching, and you know who you are, no worries, just transcendental bitching. 🙂

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