In A Damp Land

Panoramic of the side yard.

This is a panoramic pic of the little garden we inherited when we bought this place.  The previous owner was an older, german lady.  Stout and full of gumption, she had more drive than money and consequently the majority of the plants are cast-offs and snippets but they have certainly brightened our short stay here.   The lawn is small enough to mow with a reel mower.  There are two little plots that still have vegetables which we have been gathering and using and are thankful for.  The prolific tomato plant that used to reside next to the onions succumbed to late tomato blight and probably 10 pounds of tomatoes had to go in the trash today.  Each season is a time of learning, right?  I plan on rearranging the paving stones to make more little vegetable areas but that’s about all the modifications I intend to make.  One way or another we will be leaving this small lot in a couple of years, at least that’s our plan for now.

More pics below.

View of park

This is the view of the mobile home park.  I had planned on taking a picture of our home but it’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock – to quote my colorful father.  When the clouds are gone you can see mountains in the background.  *Side note, I told a friend you could see Mount Rainier from our front yard but I was mistaken.  You can see it from every other place in town but there’s one mountain that blocks it from view for us.*  All of the green has been having a healing effect on me.  Perhaps I’m just one of those people who will never learn to love the desert.

Better view of garden

The side yard undistorted by the panoramic lens.

Beautiful Hydrangea

Beautiful grace always abounds if we just notice it.

Flower bed

I can’t get over how big the flowers grow up here.  Hidden behind the shrubbery is a compost barrel that teems with worms, it is probably the best gift that Miss Angela left us.

Home is such an interesting concept.  If we were able to buy and pay for this little lot I think I could stay here forever.  But alas, it will always be a rental lot and I am at the point in life where I need things to start being finished.  I need mortgages to be paid, and cars to be owned outright, and credit cards to be stashed away.  My wants are shrinking and more and more matching my needs.  Perhaps that’s one of the perks of growing older.  My concept of home is changing from growth investment to emotional oasis; from outward symbol to inward refuge.  I want small and snug and peaceful.  I want beauty and grace and productivity.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  Just wanted to post some pics for those who are curious about where we landed.