Moon Thoughts

Lots of thoughts while I was out looking at the supermoon.  Thoughts about time and life.  Perhaps there is no time, only entropy.  Perhaps our greatest mistake is thinking we live on the earth instead of knowing we are living expressions of the earth.

I’ve been in a weird, frantic place for a while.  It’s funny, I’m patient with everyone except who I should be, every situation except the one’s that require patience.  But I guess any situation that leads to better self understanding is worth living eh?  So it’s all good.

My tomatoes are sparse and malformed but the kitchen remodel is 99% done and looks spectacular.

My ongoing spiritual evolution is beginning to affect my real life.  We’ve amped up our recycling efforts and I bought a shampoo bar instead of bottled shampoo to avoid putting more plastic in the environment.  One obstacle I’m running into with my exploration is the personal connection I felt before.  I’ve not found that yet and I wonder if I will.  

My husband’s birthday is rapidly approaching and I’m having trouble choosing a gift.  I always want to get him the perfect gift but I don’t have the gift knack that he does.  I usually go big to make up for it.  I don’t really want to do that this time.  

Anyway, happy supermoon to everyone.