Growing Up

Let’s not call it growing up

It’s more like setting down

A heavy dream

Of fancy dress

And tasks unasked

And masks.


Almost There

Almost there in so many ways.

I finished off the semester and the 4.0 still holds.  Woo-hoo!  Where was this conscientiousness during my previous college attempts?  I guess some of us just mature slower than others.  Just 9 hours to go and I’ll be done.  Almost there.

We are back to third world conditions in the kitchen.  A couple of guys from Stardust industries came on Wednesday and tore out the old kitchen – Stardust is a non-profit corporation that resells used building materials and uses the proceeds to upgrade the houses of the low-income population to reasonable living standards.  They will tear out your old kitchen for free if you donate the materials.  It’s a great way to get a service, help someone out, and keep your stuff out of the landfill.

We bought new cabinets from Ikea and they are sitting in the dining room waiting on the floor to go in and the electric to be moved.  The kitchen is the last room in the house we are remodeling.  We’re almost there.

I am still working my “one with the earth” epiphany.  I’m looking at some alternative spiritualities that match my new worldview a little better.  I’ve not made any sort of leap yet.  I’m in that thin place between paradigms and I’m in no rush to move out.  I can’t let go of my recent realization though and return to comfortable surroundings.  My mind has been expanded and it won’t return to its former shape.  It kind of sucks while at the same time being ridiculously exhilarating.  I’m waiting for the suckiness and the exhilaration both to subside a little before I take the next step.  It’s funny, the less time I have left on this planet the more I realize how important it is to go slowly.  Life… it’s irony.  Maybe I’m almost there.