Rough Week

It’s been a bit touchy around the home place this past week.  We started the laundry room remodel (which is the next to last room remaining) and finally finished it today.  The pantry is inside the laundry room and has been missing a door since we moved in.  So we added one. We put down new flooring and painted the walls and the cabinets.  We also painted the closet doors from the rest of the house.  It’s been quite a beehive of activity.  Now it’s just the kitchen to go.  We’re ordering cabinets from Ikea this week so we can catch their 20% off sale and save about $900.  

And I’ve been a real jerk to my husband this week too.  There’s a reason but that reason is not him.  

On a brighter note, there’s only two more weeks in this session of school and then I’m off for the summer.  So friggin’ fantastic!  Nine hours next semester and I’m done.


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