School – It’s Like Hell, Only Not As Interesting

Half way through another semester.  It’s getting closer.  Three classes this upcoming 7 weeks, a summer break, and then two final classes next semester.  ASU is trying to sucker me into a Master’s.  I don’t know if I’ll succumb or not.  I guess it depends on if my company will pay for it.

Anyway, my 4.0 still holds!!!  Woo-hoo!  Strange thing is, the longer it holds, the more important it feels… like I’ve got to maintain it… I’VE GOT TO!  hahaha

In my down time I’ve been reading about permaculture.  It really doesn’t do me any good to read about stuff like that because it makes me want to try it out and I just don’t have time.  Patience has become my mantra.  But I put out some tomato plants this evening anyway.  Just 8 plants.  Tomatoes and nothing else.  I figure that small monoculture can’t take too much time to maintain and I’ll be on summer break when they mature and are ready to can.

I know that 8 plants doesn’t seem like a lot to can with but we don’t eat many raw tomatoes.  I like them but Don doesn’t and I can only eat so many.  So maybe 8 will give a nice little harvest – a few canner loads worth of jars.  Don absolutely loves cooking with them.

I put out 4 Roma variety, and 4 Beefsteak.

Anyway, that’s it.  It’s just been so long since I posted anything on here I thought I would type for a minute and see what came out.

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