One Thing At A Time

It’s the perfect time to plant tomatoes here in Arizona.  In fact my planting cheat sheet has two, yes count ’em two X’s under the second half of January on the Tomatoes line.



This decision of where to spend my time is making me crazy.



Weird Opposite World

So yesterday my dear husband says offhandedly, “Isn’t it about time we found some more tomatoes to can?  We’re almost out.”

Uh, ok.

Be Willing To Have It So

Peace“Be willing to have it so.  Acceptance is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”  William James

I stumbled across this quote the other day in the stumbling way I usually find the snippets of inspiration I cling to and it immediately spoke to my heart.  Grabbed my heart.

“Be willing to have it so.”

Powerful, liberating words.  There are so many realities that we rail against, so many walls we continually run into because we aren’t willing to have it so.

How much energy do we waste trying to keep approval that has already been withdrawn?

How much worry do we endure trying to avoid loss?

How much life do we surrender trying to live any life but our own?

Sometimes we will love and not receive the same love back, be willing to have it so and your heart will grow large.

Sometimes we will experience inexplicable loss, be willing to have it so and you will experience true joy unhindered by apprehension.

Sometimes we will make mistakes, be willing to have it so and you will accomplish more than you dreamed.

Sometimes life will just be insanely, unfathomably unfair, be willing to have it so and you will truly live.

My only resolution this year was to be more peaceful.  Not to have more peace but be more peaceful in myself.

Now I realize that the only way to have a peaceful life is to be willing to have it so.