This first week of school has been overwhelming but I feel like I can almost catch my breath.  Just one more hiccup to overcome.

Just typed a paragraph of kvetching and then deleted it.  Because I’m not gonna do that.  I knew this would be difficult but the payoff of graduating next May is going to be worth it.

So suck it up self.

In better news, my manager stopped by my desk the other day and said “I have something for you to say thanks for all you’ve done this year.”  It was a raise.  I must say it made my day.

And since this is turning into one of those diarrhea of the mouth posts – I am looking more and more foreword to trying to get to the Pacific Northwest in a couple of years.  We visited a little mountain town here in Arizona last weekend and I realized just how much I miss trees, and grass, and coolness.  It was soul refreshing.


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