Insomnia Is Not For Wimps

Can’t sleep tonight.  My goodness it’s 1 o’clock.


iMac Person

Is that what I am now?

We broke and bought new computers last Thursday.  Don’s brother in law is a techie and has been trying to get us to buy Apple since forever.  He finally won.

I am reserving judgement for now, although it’s a little late for doubt, because it’s kinda like learning a new language but overall I’m enjoying using this machine.  I definitely love the design… and I’m even getting use to this tiny, tiny keyboard.

Got my office back by moving my brother into the guest room.  Also picked up a nice little drafting table at Goodwill for $3.  Am planning on starting drawing again

Gotta give a shootout to Soulsby farm, been really loving the posts lately.

Anyway, finished up some major work at work so maybe I’ll be able to post a little more frequently now… famous last words.