Why This Canning Frenzy You Ask?

And I ask too.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed trying to put up all the produce we’ve gotten from the Market on the Move and it’s only been three weeks.  I admit to a touch of OCD.  When I become really interested in something I become REALLY interested in something.  It usually wears off in a week or two.  I recently watched a film titled Dive! about people who live off of America’s waste.  Sounds gross doesn’t it.  But I’ve discovered some interesting facts about our food production and distribution systems.

Did you know that half of all the food prepared in the United States and Europe never gets eaten?

Or that if we recovered just 25% of that food we could feed 20 million people?

In the U.S. alone, we throw away 96 billion – with a B – pounds of food each year.  I personally think that’s morally appalling.  So I’m trying to be a little more conscious of my own food habits.  Utilizing M.O.M allows me to not only save a buttload of money on produce, it lets me be a part of keeping 30 million pounds of produce out of our landfills.

Anyway, enough moralizing! 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

We got 55 pounds of produce this week, which brings our total so far to 123 pounds for our $100 donation. 

55lbs of Market on the Move produce... plus the ubiquitous lemons.

We got green beans.

Green beans

We got more corn, which I canned instead of freezing this time.  



We got more squash which is still sitting on the counter waiting for friends to divvy up… and be cut up and frozen.  

Yellow Crookneck squash


And we got more tomatoes of course.  I am amazed at how many tomatoes it takes to make sauce.  

Roma tomatoes


And this is what I did all day Saturday.  Seriously.

Green beans, corn, and tomato sauce. Ready for the pantry.

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